fall wreath diy

fall wreath diy

Fall is here (even though its currently 90 degrees) and I am excited. When did liking a season a lot become something people make fun of? What is this "basic" business? I guess i'm seriously out of it these days. WHATEVER. I've been really into fall since approximately 1989 so i'm sticking to what I know. Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, Honeycrisp apples, cool (not cold) temps, football, pretty trees, its all just entirely enjoyable. 

Despite this love affair I've never gotten excited about decorating for fall. I would much prefer to just skip it all together and get to decking my halls. Really though, fall decor is socially acceptable from September-November and Christmas can't go up a moment before Thanksgiving? Only a month of Christmas? Yeah not in this house. The trees start coming out after Halloween because we make our own rules over here and so should you. 

Anyway, I prefer to live in the cooler tones most of the time and fall is all about the warm so I came up with a happy medium to add a little autumnal cheer to our home. 

I put together all three of these during a nap time so this is a great little project if you are someone who rarely has a moment to do something extra. 


  • A collection of fake florals (mix of leafy stems, flowers, wheat, etc) I purchased mine at Michaels 
  • Metal ring (I used 11in)
  • Wire cutters
  • Fine gauge wire
  • Scissors
  • Twine or fishing line
untitled (4 of 18).jpg

Below you'll find a little photo tutorial. I like to begin by laying out what I want the wreath to look like at the end before actually attaching anything. It helps you get an idea where everything should go and how many places you need to attach it. For example, the base leafy stems are attached in three different places in order for it to curve up the ring nicely. Also by attaching I mean wrapping wire around a bunch of times then tying it together. Nothing fancy here. 

untitled (1 of 18).jpg
untitled (8 of 18).jpg
untitled (9 of 18).jpg
untitled (10 of 18).jpg
untitled (11 of 18).jpg
untitled (12 of 18).jpg

Just keep playing and building until you find something you are happy with! One small extra trick is to add in a piece going the opposite way to make it look seamless and not abruptly end. You can see how I did this below with the dark green leaves.

untitled (15 of 18).jpg
untitled (16 of 18).jpg
untitled (17 of 18).jpg

I hope you make one (or three) or at least get a fall creativity boost. Happy crafting!

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